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Ideal for use During exercise.

Elite Sports Drink.

During exercise

you burn a lot of carbohydrates and you lose a lot of fluids and minerals. Replenishing these nutriens is therefore very important! ISO PRO+ not only replenishes carbohydrates, fluid and minerals, but also contains Peptopro®. That is a 'cut up' protein that is absorbed effortlessly during exercise. This way, you will speed up the absorption of carbohydrates and ISO PRO+ offers you the right nutrients for recovery during the endurance workout. In addition, the taste is also really fresh, which makes it an ideal drink for Team Sunweb and all other endurance athletes.

  • Provides carbs, salt and protein
  • Contains Peptopro®
  • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio
  • Developed in cooperation with Team Sunweb
  • Not too sweet and not sticky
  • Gluten and lactose free